We offer a Free brake inspection for your vehicle !


Your Brakes

Your brakes are among the most important parts of your car.

Without them, you won't be able to stop effectively, so it only makes sense that you have them regularly checked and maintained as necessary!

There are many parts involved with the braking system on most modern cars, so you need expert advice and assistance

What Are Car Brakes?

Car brakes come in various different types. The most common for commercial cars, however, is the disk brake. This uses a large disc, located behind each wheel, with a brake pad. The disc rotates with the wheel but, when the brakes are applied, the pad is pressed against this disc. The resulting grinding and friction is what causes the car to come to a halt quicker than if the vehicle was left to slow down naturally.

While more luxurious cars utilise 4 disc brakes, many cars still feature drum brakes on the rear wheels. Drum brakes utilise a namesake drum behind the wheel, with brake 'shoe' components pushing against the inside when the brakes are applied. Again, this generates friction and dissipates the kinetic energy gained by the car's momentum. 

Our brake check facility gives a clear indication of the condition of your vehicle's brakes, whether you need new brake pads, brake discs or if the braking system itself is in need of repair. 

All elements are inspected against the manufacturer's specification, which means Abbey Service will help you get your brakes back to the most efficient standard possible.