Got a problem with your exhaust or catalytic converter and want it fixed fast?

If you are experiencing any problems or have any concerns with your exhaust system, our fully trained exhaust specialists will be happy to carry out a comprehensive inspection - completely free of charge!

Your exhaust is made up from a number of parts and it is likely that only one or two parts of the system will need replacing at any one time. We can replace individual parts or the full system depending on what is required but will only carry out work that needs to be done.
As the ongoing drive to tighten vehicle emission controls becomes more complex, paired with the need for the clean and efficient running of your car, it is advised to get your exhaust checked for damage or failure every 10,000 km (6250 miles) or at least once a year for damage or failure.

As part of our Vehicle Health Check (VHC), we will visually inspect your exhaust for damage and corrosion which can cause leaking joints and complex issues with emissions in the future.
We can also supply and fit catalytic converters with a 2-year guarantee. To maintain the life of your catalytic converter it is important to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Service the vehicle regularly and ensure the correct fuel grade is used
  • Avoid ""bump' starting your vehicle as this will cause damage
  • Avoid driving through deep water, as this may cause rapid cooling of the Cat which can cause damage

Exhaust failure can be harmful not only to the environment but also to the driver with noxious fumes often leaked, with our service, we prevent such eventualities.

Noisy exhaust?

Take some sound advice! The noise your exhaust makes can tell you a lot about its general condition:

  • A loud roar could signify a hole in your exhaust pipe
  • A persistent rattle may mean part of the exhaust is loose
  • A tinkling sound could be a problem with your silencer
  • A chugging noise could indicate a blockage in the system
  • A hissing sound often indicates a crack in a gasket, pipe or in the manifold

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or have any other concerns with your exhaust or catalytic converter, just phone or call in to  Abbey Service Centre.