car diagnostics



What can Diagnostics tell a Technician?

Your car's onboard computer controls every function on the vehicle from the windscreen wipers to the braking system to the fuel intake system and everything in between. So, when one of our highly trained mechanics plugs a diagnostic tool into your car, they can instantly see how the vehicle is performing and which component or system is malfunctioning.

With more and more electrically controlled parts, modern cars require complicated diagnostic processes to identify where a fault may be.

Our trained mechanics can run car diagnostics to identify problems in the following areas:

  • clutch replacements
  • timing belts
  • re mapping
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement & Diagnostic services

All modern cars contain on-board computers that monitor and control things like emissions levels, engine temperature and even windscreen wipers. The warning light you see will only give you a small glimpse of what the problem may actually be.

Our car diagnostic check identifies what the underlying problem is, so component failures can be prevented before they lead to further damage or expensive repairs!